Biken is a maker for cycling-related accessories for town cycling. One of the key features of Biken products is ingenuity. Using bike parts, genuine leather, and quality fabrics, Biken's original products are uniquely designed to look good and work well.
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Black Earbud Holder - New!

Black Earbud Holder – New!

New color! Black Earbud Holder is now available on our Etsy shop.     2 colors. Brown is here!
2 Function Hanging Tote

2 Function Hanging Tote

This 2 function hanging tote can also be used as a hanging bag by folding it over the top tube and fastening it with the buttons near the bottom. With this tote, you can go from riding around town, to a cafe, or even to work. Visit our Etsy shop for more details. Music by Takamasa...
Keychain 02 - White

Keychain 02 – White

  This new color is now available. Visit our Etsy shop!
Last Minute Entry - Renegade Craft Fair in LA

Last Minute Entry – Renegade Craft Fair in LA

Very last minute, we decided to attend Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles as the partner of Schwinn. Please visit our booth!
Key Chain 01/02 Natural

Key Chain 01/02 Natural

New Natural Color Key Chains. Key Chain 01/02 are now available on our web shop!
Simple Button - 2 Function Hanging Tote

Simple Button – 2 Function Hanging Tote

The button is made from bike chain. It looks unique and simple.  We remove the link rollers and reassemble it as a button each.    
Spring show last Sunday

Spring show last Sunday

We participated in the Urban Air Market in SF last Sunday. We are so grateful to all the people that stopped by to visit our booth and took something home!