Hanging Clips / 2 Colors

  • $ 50.00

Let the Hanging Clips carry your stuff!

You can hold your lunch bag, a baguette bag, envelopes or thin things with the Hanging Clips on your bike. The clips let your hands free.

Please do not hang anything that interferes with riding your ride. 

Leather Band
The leather band is made from genuine oil leather. The simple scratch on it can be removed by rubbing your finger. 
The edge of the leather is carefully polished and coated with edge-finish.

The rubber coated clip prevents from slipping off your stuff. 

Set of 2 Clips.
The paper bag is not included.

Size (approximately) 
H 8 1/2 inches x W 1 inch 
Leather length : 6 3/4 inches
Clip length : 2 1/2 inches
Maximum hanging weight : 1.2 lb