Messenger Bag (Large) / 4 Colors

  • $ 350.00

This bag with an original buckle is designed for bikers. It is made of water repellant canvas and leather. 

Size (approximately) : W 9 1/2 inches x H 13 inches x D 3 1/2 inches 
(The strap is not included in the size)

The bag is made of Heavy Martexin water repellent canvas.

■ Small wrinkles can be removed by drying with a hair dryer.
■ Please do not put product in washer and dryer.

The diagonal 4-snap opening allows you to easily put your hands in the bag, but prevents contents from falling out.

There is a roomy inside pocket.

The shoulder strap is made from poly pro webbing, with rubber woven throughout the material.
It will not slip off your shoulder.

The original buckle is handmade from bike chains.
The shoulder band with the buckle can be easily adjusted or released.
Using an allen wrench, you can detach the buckle to adapt for left or right hand use.
(An allen wrench is included with your bag.)

All Biken products are carefully hand-finished. Each end thread is repeatedly looped through and bound to prevent fraying.