Cycling Tee 01

  • $ 65.00


This is a cycling tee, with the addition of functional leather parts customized for bikers. The comfortable Alternative Apparel T-shirt is used for Biken's cycling tee.
(sunglasses are not included.)


Size (Men) 

Size : S
Chest 36 - 38 / Waist 29 - 31 / Hip 34 - 36
Size : M
Chest 39 - 41 / Waist 32 - 34 / Hip 37 - 39
Size : L
Chest 42 - 44 / Waist 35 - 37 / Hip 40 - 42

Material : T shirt, Genuine leather (cow)
T shirt : 100% Pima Cotton, Made in Peru

Made in USA



This original button is made from a bike chain.


You can hang your sunglasses on the genuine sunglass holder.


There is a genuine leather pocket on the back, like a standard bike jersey.
You can even put a banana, a plastic bottle, or a portable air pump! 
Just avoid putting heavy items in the pocket.


The genuine leather shoulder pad prevents damage to the T shirt,

and lessens stress to your shoulder from the weight of a bag.




This t-shirt is designed for cycling. It has a leather pocket and a leather sunglass holder. As for maintenance, please see Use and Care page.

All Biken products are carefully hand-finished. Each end thread is repeatedly looped through and bound to prevent fraying.


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